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Baseball memories: A great reason to yell during a baseball game

Don O'Neill says his favorite baseball memory involvs his son. (Contributed by Don O'Neill)

As baseball season gets into full swing, we are asking 710 ESPN Seattle and KIRO Radio hosts about their favorite baseball memories. Leave your own unforgettable moment in the comments.

It was G-Force O’Neill’s fourth birthday and he’d never seen a Mariners game. So his dad, KIRO Radio’s Don O’Neill, decided to do something special: give him the VIP baseball experience.

So the O’Neill’s were pampered along the first-base line, eating all-you-can-eat ice cream sundaes and living the Safeco Field dream. And whenever the Mariners did well, G-Force was pumped, albeit slightly confused.

“Every time the Mariners hit the ball, he would yell ‘GO SEAHAWKS!'” Don said. “I’m trying to get him to yell, ‘Go Mariners!’ The Moose came by, the Moose took a picture with him. Finally, we get into the ninth inning and the Mariners hit a home run and my son yells again, ‘GO SEAHAWKS!'”

That’s when a guy sitting in front of the O’Neill’s turned and said how much he appreciated G-Force’s enthusiasm. He even offered the pair sideline tickets for the next Seahawks game.

“Come to find out it was Jon Ryan, the punter for the Seattle Seahawks, who was sitting in the All-Star club,” Don said. “I guess he really loves baseball and appreciated every time the Mariners did something great that my son yelled, ‘Go Seahawks.'”

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