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Baseball memories: ‘C’mon, son. Rock and fire’

Can you guess which of these Puyallup Elks is Brock Huard? (Contributed by Brock Huard)

Leading up to Mariners’ home opener, we are asking 710 ESPN Seattle and KIRO Radio hosts about their favorite baseball memory. Leave your own unforgettable moment in the comments.

It can be either a curse or blessing when your dad is coach. For Brock Huard, it was the latter.

Brock remembers pure joy playing for his father, Mike, on the Puyallup Knights in 10-and-under little league and how important it was for both father and son to don the same uniform. There are also memories of Brock toeing the pitcher’s mound, hearing his dad’s advice from the dugout.

“I vividly remember him saying, ‘C’mon, son. Rock and fire. Rock and fire,'” Brock said.

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The baseball chatter resonates to this day with Brock’s 6-year-old son, Titus, who sets out his jersey every night before a baseball game or practice – just like Dad did.

“It’s laid out the same way it was for me at the foot of my bed,” Brock said. “I couldn’t wait to wake up and put on the stirrups, baseball pants, and the jersey, and get my mitt. Everything was right there, perfectly aligned. The world seemed perfectly in its place as I was getting ready to play baseball.”

Need some inspiration for the Mariners’ home opener? Listen below, because Brock’s got that covered, too.


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