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Seahawks’ Tyler Lockett keeps his cool during first playoff game

Tyler Lockett said his first postseason appearance on Sunday felt no different than any other game this year. (AP)

For a player as mature as Tyler Lockett, maybe it shouldn’t be a surprise that the rookie Seahawks wide receiver says he didn’t feel overwhelmed during his first career playoff game. In fact, he told “Bob, Groz and Tom” that the game felt no different than any of the others – except, of course, for the bitter cold.

“It felt like any other game,” Lockett said. “Things didn’t change. The hits were the same. The game speed was the same. The way that we play, the way that we practice here as the Seahawks, we treat it like it’s a playoff game every single day. We play the same way from the first game of the season all the way to the playoffs and it never changes.

“For me, it lived up to even more than what I expected just because, who would have ever thought that my first playoff game would be a crazy game like that and we ended up winning knowing that we didn’t play our best game.”

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Here are some other highlights from the conversation:

Being the Seahawks only All Pro: “It’s very big, to be honest … There’s so many people who played this game for so many years who do an outstanding job and they never get nominated as an All Pro, and for me to be able to do that as a rookie, that’s really big. Obviously it’ll be something that I can always cherish and be able to talk to my family about it and my kids and grandchildren and stuff like that, but it would be even better if we can win a Super Bowl with that.”

On Blair Walsh’s missed kick: “As soon as he missed it, it was crazy. It seemed unreal. I was pointing up to God. All I could say was, ‘wow.’ I was about to cry. You saw players on their knees, players looking like they were bowing down. People on the sideline were yelling hallelujah. The emotion was just priceless. You had to live in that moment to be able to really capture how crazy it was.”

The broken play that turned into a 35-yard-gain: “As soon as (Russell Wilson) got back up, it was just kind of like reaction, and at that moment I just tried to run to a spot to get open and that’s exactly what I did. Credit goes back to Russell for being able to fall on it, know he has time to get back up an also to be able to maneuver his way around people running at him and then being able to look downfield and throw the ball … Who would had ever thought that a play that was never supposed to be designed like that would have been the game changer of the game? But I think it gave the momentum, the spark that we needed at least to be able to score and make it 9-7.”

On being surprisingly open: “I thought it was more people around me. I didn’t think I was literally by myself. Luckily I ended up turning left and running left instead of going back to the right where all the Vikings were. Jermaine Kearse also made a great block of (Xavier) Rhodes to where I could get to the outside and then it was a footrace. The guy had an angle on me but luckily I was able to get us to the 5- or 4-yard line to be able to have a chip shot in to be able to score a touchdown.”

On withstanding the cold: “When it came down to the fourth quarter, the cold wasn’t a problem anymore because that’s when emotions started getting into it. That’s when it was, ‘Alright, we got to find a way to win,’ and that’s exactly what happened.”


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